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Coming from the October 22, 2005 online MSNBC comes a sweet story of how dogs and cats were aided by chiropractic care. The tale begins by reporting on a 4 year old beagle named Molly, who was discovered paralyzed in her own back yard and was not able to walk. After six visits for chiropractic treatment designed specifically for animals, Molly was able to run and play in the park, like a normal 4-year-old.

The article features a chiropractic specialist, Dr. Ruth M. Poole, who has obtained additional schooling and now sees pets as a regular part of her practice. Dr. Poole mentioned which animals may obtain benefit through chiropractic. "Possible candidates for the treatments include cats and dogs that may have trouble walking, jumping and climbing stairs, or possess hip or spinal disc problems that restrict their mobility, she said. Countless doctors have treated wryneck in cats as well."

Along with the story of Molly, the article also featured a 10-year-old Old English sheepdog that reportedly hobbled into her office like a little old man. According to the sheepdog's owner, this dog had been incapable of climbing steps, jump on his master's bed or perhaps run and play. In this circumstance it was observed that immediately after the very first treatment, he was back up and down the steps. He continued to improve and after the third visit, he practically dragged his master out the door to her car and that's after he did what looked like a jump for joy.

Animals can anticipate situations that can cause pain, and Dr. Poole noted that the treatment she renders doesn't hurt the animals. She reports that after a couple treatments, the animals look forward to coming into the office. She stated, "It's like they know they're going to feel better afterwards."

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