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Concern Over Autism Link with Vaccinations Heats Up

"Parents Doubt Vaccine Safety" was the headline of the article in the October 30, 2000 USA Today. This story comes from a report sponsored by the National Network for Immunization Information. Just for this study, a telephone survey of 1,600 parents-to-be and parents of kids age 6 and younger was conducted. The outcomes of the study were released in the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting in Chicago

The outcomes indicated that 25% of parents are worried that childrens immune systems might be weakened by way too many vaccines, and just as many say that "children acquire more immunizations than are ideal for them." 14% of the parents say they might opt away from a minumum of one vaccine, if they were to have another child later on.

A lot of the population worry about the problem continues to be sparked by recent links between vaccines and autism and other childhood diseases. So strong is the evidence, that Congressional hearings began to pinpoint the issue.

Barbara Loe Fisher, of the National Vaccine Information Center responded by saying, "The rapidly rising amount of vaccines needed in recent times might be at least a factor in causing the surge in learning disabilities and diseases like autism and asthma."

This subject continues to be getting essential press time lately. This included a Sunday, Nov. 12th, 2000 CBS special segment titled "MMR Vaccine and Autism" on their highly acclaimed TV show 60 Minutes.

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