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Autism and Chiropractic Care

In the British publication, the Manchester Evening Star, comes an August 13, 2007 article about an eight-year-old boy Daniel, whose life
has been changed for the better by chiropractic.

The story
starts with Daniels mother, Susan Crisp taking Daniel to the chiropractor and notes that Susan and her husband, Gary, firmly feel that this care is critical for the current improvements they've seen in Daniels development. "His communication has improved tremendously," says Susan.

Susan Crisp chronicled Daniel's progress by stating, "He has begun putting three to four words together and it's also not in reaction to questions from us. It's spontaneous. Previously, if he wanted something from the fridge he would drag me to it and point. Now he'll say, 'Mummy, I want'. "He doesn't seem so closed in as he was previously and is interacting more with his three older sisters."

The content reported on another instance in which a television reporter Quentin Willson had done a story on his own son's improvement with chiropractic. The content noted that it was this television story that prompted Susan to take her son, Daniel to see a chiropractor. Susan recalled, "It must have been a coincidence that I saw it. I had the television on and it really caught my attention because there have been a lot of similarities between what he was referring to with his son and Daniel." She continued, "It stayed on my mind. I told Gary about this and we felt we ought to try it out. We thought, 'If nothing happens, this is the worst that may happen'. At that time, Daniel was walking on his tip-toes and his feet were pointing inwards when he walked - which may be signs of autism. I had been concerned with it and we believed that the chiropractic could possibly assist with his posture."

Daniel's success adds weight to 2 separate papers published in 2 scientific journals in March of 2006 where studies documented a substantial improvement in autistic children under chiropractic care. In one of these studies involving 14 children, 12 showed significant improvement and 2 of the children improved so much that they no longer met the standards to be classified as autistic.

The British article concludes with comments from Daniel's mother, Susan, where she notes how he enjoys the care, "But it's not just a matter of Daniel enjoying it. Within four to six weeks we noticed a huge improvement in his condition. "We took him in June and by August people who don't see him regularly commented that his speech had come on tremendously. He started to initiate sentences - it was a real surprise, to us." She concluded by saying, "The chiropractic was like turning a key, opening the door and it all came out of him. "It's not a cure but it can alleviate some of the difficulties."

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