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Asthma Study Shows Chiropractic Benefits

Inside the November / December 2000 issue of Todays Chiropractic, comes a report on Asthma. This short article notes that approximately 14 Americans die every day from asthma. Asthma is just one of three diseases which has shown a growing death rate recently, up 58% since 1979. Presently estimates say that 17 million Americans are afflicted by the condition which makes it the most typical and costly illness in the United States today, costing over $13 billion annually. Presently, asthma causes more hospitalizations of kids than every other childhood disease.

In the study, 47 patients were observed over a two year period. These patients had all been medically diagnosed with persistent asthma including mild persistent in 11 cases, moderate persistent in 28 cases, to severe persistent in 8 cases. The concern rendered contains specific chiropractic adjustments. The range of visits was from 14 to 44, with the average being 26 throughout the study period. Most patients within the study began care at a rate of three visits each week with this frequency being reduced after 4 to 8 initial weeks.

The individual outcome was excellent with all 47 of the study patients showing a noticeable improvement ranging from 87 to 100 %. Patient observed improvement was measured by both improvement in their symptoms as well as a decrease in their usage of acute asthma attack medication. Even more impressive was that all of the patients in the study reported maintaining their improvement after a two-year follow up.

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